Excellent! You’ve discovered us!  We’re the leading packaging, prototype mock-up company in the UK. We specialise in creating simulated, production-accurate packaging. We’ve been doing it for a long time too.

What is a prototype? What are mockups?

Sometimes known as sales samples, newly designed brand packaging will often need approval by a client prior to production. This means your packaging ideas will require rapid, quick-turnaround at the prototype stage. Often our creations are used for pre-production by creative designers, marketeers, brand owners, and advertisers. This means media, TV, supermarket planning & that all important presentation pitch. Quantities can range from singular units to runs of several hundred or thousand pieces.


folderinsidev2That’s nice but who are we?

Our business necessitates that our staff require specialist skills so you may be pleased to know that not only do we create packaging but another side to our company deals in pre-press for the packaging print industry. This is good for you because every day we work with the people that will eventually be mass producing your product packaging. You could say we have insider knowledge!

How soon can we do it?

For us rapid turnaround is par for the course. All projects are different and therefore unique but normally we can turn around short runs next day. More complex or larger quantity requirements can take a little longer. We will always work to your deadlines however.

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