Free Prototype – Spring Promo Offer

Brand owners, designers & retailers. It’s that time of year when budgets are released for new packaging but we know how restrictive the purse strings have got these days so we want to give you a free prototype to help you out.

Apple Mac ready to create your free protoype

Give us your packaging project to mockup, and we’ll give you one free prototype design

Our team are renowned for getting things done very quickly and without fuss. Your packaging concept made real and as true to the production version as you’re likely to get. Our core business isn’t mockups. We’re a reprographics and prepress business for the packaging industry and started more than 30 years ago, so you could say we have insider knowledge.

History of prepress

During the 1980s and 1990s, computer-aided prepress techniques began to supplant the traditional dark room and light table processes, and by the early 2000s the word prepress became, in some ways, synonymous with digital pre-press.

Immediately before the mainstream introduction of computers to the process, much of the industry was using large format cameras to make emulsion-based (film) copies of text and images. This film was then assembled (stripping) and used to expose another layer of emulsion on a plate, thus copying images from one emulsion to another. This method is still used; however, as digital pre-press technology has become less cost intensive, more efficient and reliable, and as the knowledge and skill required to use the new hardware and especially software have become more widespread within the labor force, digital automation has been introduced to almost every part of the process.

We grew up with the craft like prepress era and we’ve long kept those skills by creating stunning packaging mockups

In more recent years, prepress software has been developed which is designed to find as many efficiencies in prepress workflow as possible. These tools are accessed online, and allow different workers to work on one project at the same time, often from different locations. Key functionality automates common steps to reduce errors, reinforce quality standards and speed up production. Examples include automatically re-folioing pages, digital dummies for soft proofs, live linking with Adobe InDesign and pre-flight checking. These tools revolve around a Flatplan and are used in all sorts of prepress.

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