Come Fry with Me – Fast Food packaging design

Case study for fast food packaging design & production –

  • Create design concepts
  • Produce printed working prototypes for photo-shoot
  • Manage ongoing production run of 10,000 per sort

This packaging project started with hand made concept mockups. A range of sizes covering the intended retail price breaks for the end-user.

Vital and key to success on the project was regular communication between client and our design team.

Paramount importance placed on combining the client’s raw concept into a working, practical solution for the end-user. Angled profile of the carton employed to ensure easy stacking in the busy restaurant environment. Workable lid and double wall construction ensuring product remained hot with a grease free exterior. These were focus points of the design very early on.

Photo-shoot mockups were printed and produced for marketing and promotion. Our state of the art digital UV printing onto kraft board, selected for grease proofing and BRC compliant, ensuring the closest match to actual production versions.

We even produced a giant, oversized version on corrugated board with internal structural supports!

Providing a new take on the humble fried potato, Come Fry With Me makes the spud the main attraction and makes it available as skinny, skin-on or duck fat gastro fries. What started out as a festival fry truck favourite, founded by Tiffany Plant at the age of 24, the Come Fry With Me cry is: “fries are delicious!” And here you can have them with Marmite, rosemary or steak either Flavoured, Topped or in a Butty. Forget vinegar and salt, here the chips are tossed in truffle and Parmesan, coated in Guinness batter, or served rustic style with their skins on and fried with rosemary and garlic. Mix it up with a medley of fries with parsnip, carrot and courgette and try cinnamon sweet potato to satisfy a sweet tooth. The aesthetic of the Covent Garden cafe embraces the heyday of 1960s air travel with wooden surfaces and fluid curved lines. Brightly coloured lines guide guests to signs overhead and fries arrive on the ‘fry carousel’ conveyor belt. –

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