YOLKR – Unusual product needs weird packaging


is their tag line for this rather unusual product for those of us that find egg yolk separation particularly tricky in the kitchen. A simple concept whereby the volunteer attempts to literally suck the yolk up and away from the white. I’m dubious as to this would actually work! Regardless there is some neat bespoke box and tabletop presentation packaging promoting one of the strangest kitchen products I’ve seen in recent years.

What do you think?

YOLKR on Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery.

Shrink sleeves & tactile varnishes

Our twitter mascot discovered this on his journey around the web and I thought it was a fantastic example of what can be done with shrink sleeves (plus the photography is 100% better than what I can do here at MPH!). In the past we’ve experimented with our shrink sleeve mockups by printing undersurface as normal but then screen printing a tactile varnish on top.

As you can see with this picture, the moisture drops look effective as a print but imagine what effect can be achieved by having a raised tactile on top? Trust me, the results are impressive. Feel free to contact us if you need further specialist information on how to do it if you feel your design concept would benefit from it. We work with flexo printers that can produce this along with the specialist techniques required from the mass production side, not just how to make a great sales sample.

Designed by Taylor Goad | Country: United States

Conceptual work from Philly based designer Taylor Goad.

Northcoast Brewery | Lovely Package.

Sponge! New media champion of printed packaging prototypes.

A tongue in cheek effort I know but bare with us. He’s on probation until we know for sure he won’t be laughed at too much. Sponge! is our Twitter mascot and has now started tweeting regularly. In just one day he’s ‘amassed’ 23 followers, well done Spongy!



As you can see he’s been a busy chap tweeting a selection of Instagram pics from his Tumblr blog. He’s also joined the Pinterest ranks too.


Feel free to follow him in whatever media is your poison. I’m hoping he can show everyone what can be done with our mockups and maybe provide a some inspiration for techniques available for designers. 

I wonder if he should have some dimples… hmmm…